The Great Boars Of Fire lodge is ideal for any special occasion.  You and your friends have a great place to enjoy your celebration or event and plenty of room to move! Our main room seats 300 people comfortably. The finished wood vaulted ceiling, graced with chandeliers, is complemented by a marble tiled floor. Guests enjoy a beautiful, hand made, solid oak, full service bar.  A staircase is located beside the bar that leads upward to a balcony and a private room called The Boar's Nest. This area is perfect for parties of 10 to 100 people. The cozy atmosphere welcomes you with hand painted faux finishes and a dark mahogany bar designed by local artist Jessie Wright.

The Great Boars of Fire Lodge is nestled in the Shawnee National Forest of Southern Illinois on Kratzinger Hollow Road of Union County. We are proud to say we are within easy striking distance of the areas local wineries audend vineyards. The perfect combination of accessible yet beautiful and private.

Guests enjoy the grass and trees outside the Lodge.  Our front walkway is a quiet getaway with plenty of flowers that attract butterflies and a unique copper fountain handmade by a local artist that goes by the name "Rainmaker".

Come walk amidst the butterflies and flowers and watch the hummingbirds.