The Great Boars of Fire Restaurant

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Cobden, Illinois

The Great Boars of Fire restaurant is owned and operated by David and Bob Fombelle. Bob and David first started cooking barbeque for fun back in 1989. They quickly began entering cook-off contests all over the country, winning numerous state championships. In May, they took home the World Championship in Memphis, winning the highest points of any competing barbeque chef. Although they began out as off-site caterers, they soon grew in popularity and needed a full-service facility for events.

The Great Boars Of Fire is a Restaurants & Bars business located at 820 Kratzinger Hollow Road in Cobden, Illinois. The business employs five people. The Great Boars of Fire generates $687,225 in sales annually. However, this figure is based on a modelled estimate of the business’s contact and principal counts.


If you love spicy food, you’ll love the menu at The Great Boars of Fire restaurant. The restaurant’s acoustic entertainment is a welcome addition to a delicious dining experience. Live music plays on weekends. And the ambiance at this restaurant is no less exciting. The ambiance is as important as the food. This is a place to experience some of the best barbecue and barbeque in town.

The owners of The Great Boars of Fire are David and Bob Fombelle. They started cooking for themselves out of a passion in 1989 and began entering cook-off competitions across the country. They won many state championships, and in Memphis, this year, they took home the world title by winning the most points at the Jack Daniel World Invitational. While the restaurant started off as a casual bar, the rapid growth of the restaurant required a banquet facility to cater to large events. This allowed the owners to expand their menu and become a full-service catering company.


The Great Boars of Fire, a family owned restaurant located in Cobden, Illinois, has been around since 1989. Owners Bob and David Fombelle began cooking for themselves and friends for fun, and they eventually started competing in barbeque cook-offs around the country, winning numerous state championships and even a World Championship in Memphis in May. Most recently, they took home the top prize at the Jack Daniel World Invitational in Memphis, Tennessee, for the best ribs they have ever cooked. While the Great Boars of Fire started out as an off-site catering business, rapid growth required that the restaurant add a banquet facility to expand its services and menu. Now, the restaurant provides full-service catering and is a popular destination for special events and parties.

The restaurant is known for its unique take on traditional American cuisine, offering roasted chicken, scallop rolls, white chicken chili, and a watermelon salad. Drinks at the Great Boars of Fire include amaretto, margarita, and marsala. The restaurant also serves great juice and coffee, with a trendy, urban atmosphere. In a Google rating system, the Great Boars of Fire scored a 4.4.

Annual revenues

The Great Boars of Fire Inc. is a privately held company in Cobden, Illinois. It is a part of the Special Food Services industry, employing approximately 10 people. The restaurant generates approximately $687,225 in annual revenue. The restaurant employs 10 people at its single location. Its annual sales are based on modelled data and are estimated based on contact and principal counts.