Steak Restaurants in New York

New York steak restaurants are synonymous with creamed spinach, medium-rare steak, red wine and martinis. However, these dining experiences vary widely, with many of them serving only one thing: steak. Health experts consider eating out to be a high-risk activity for people who have not been vaccinated. Even those who have been vaccinated may face some risks from eating at restaurants. To find the best steak restaurants in New York, check out the map below.

St. Anselm

If you’re craving a great steak, try a place in St. Anselm that specializes in them. This brick-walled spot is popular for its steaks and seafood. If you want to sample a wide variety of steaks and seafood, you can head to the Brick-walled spot next door. The ambiance is cozy, and you’re sure to find your perfect grilled fish or steak.

One of the best ways to evaluate the quality of a steak restaurant is to eat it. Steakhouses typically use premium ingredients, so you’re likely to find a variety of different steakhouse dishes on the menu. There’s a separate lunch and dinner menu, but there are some unique options. You can also order appetizers and sides, which make the St. Anselm steak restaurants unique. Whether you’re dining alone or with a group, St. Anselm is sure to deliver an outstanding dining experience.

Porter House

juicy grilled steak with brocolli and a baked potatoe in a restaurant setting.

If you love steak, but hate going out to eat, a trip to Porter House Steaks and Grills may be the answer. This restaurant has been a top choice for steak lovers for decades. It’s easy to see why, as the steaks are well-seasoned and savory. The porterhouse is slightly larger than the standard steak. If you’re looking for a new place to dine, try a Porter House for its great steak and incredible service.

The steak is USDA prime, and the Porterhouse is cut from the short loin. The Porterhouse features a “T-bone” in the center. The Porterhouse is one of the most tender steak cuts available, and is a great choice for a romantic dinner for two. A porterhouse can be expensive, so try to choose a choice grade if you’re on a budget. The meat will still be delicious and tender, so you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for a porterhouse.

Harry’s Cafe & Steak

Located in downtown Hanover Square, Harry’s Café and Steak is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Guests can order breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and the restaurant’s full bar offers a large variety of beverages. Families are also welcome here. As a bonus, the restaurant has a nearby hotel with rooms for rent. You’ll find everything from gourmet steaks to sandwiches, soups, and salads.

Although the restaurant is large, it’s not crowded. A single table can accommodate around six people. Harry’s Steak’s bar and dining room feature goofy murals of monks making wine. The space feels old and quaint. The restaurant’s desserts, created by pastry chef Eric Bedoucha, are excellent. Pair them with a fine Port or Sauternes to create the perfect dessert.


Theodore Roosevelt once frequented Rothmann’s Steak Restaurant in New York City. Theodore used to dine here for steaks and brunch. These days, a bustling bar scene is part of the restaurant’s charm. And the atmosphere here is just as historic as Theodore Roosevelt’s visit. You can dine on steak, oysters and more while taking in the buzzing bar scene, which once served President Roosevelt and other notable guests.

While traditional steakhouses tend to stick to tradition, Rothmann’s upscale menus are designed to reflect today’s tastes. Their raw bar features kung pao calamari, a 16-ounce Kobe sirloin, sushi, and specialty rolls, plus the classic steaks. The menu is rounded out by a selection of beers, including bottled and draught, as well as local brews. The restaurant also offers special Mother’s Day wine pairings.